Hi there, I’m Kate.

I live in Nashville, Tennessee where I love to read, write and learn with my family.

I used to practice medicine as an obstetrician-gynecologist, and I loved delivering babies and walking alongside women as an advocate of maternal health.

I’ve also been a writer, and after my father died in 2012, I was going through old family pictures, and I decided to tell a story inspired by my Sicilian family, so I wrote a book for middle grade readers called Snow in Sicily.

My husband and I have four amazing kids, so lately I’ve been working on children’s picture books. My first one is called Bartleby. Any proceeds from my creative projects go to a non-profit that my husband and I founded in 2011 called Remember Me Mission.

Now I work at home educating my kids, and so far I haven’t found a career that I’ve enjoyed more. I love sharing the books we’re reading and the things we’re learning with a broader audience in hopes that others can use some of the nuggets I’m discovering along the way.

My husband and I started using the phrase scuola a casa early on before we even started homeschooling, and it kind of stuck. So, we still call it that, and I really do believe that scuola is for anyone, any age, anywhere. Scuola is all around us as long as we’re paying attention and being curious human beans (credit to Roald Dahl).

Thanks for stopping by!

You can reach me at kate@katecelauro.com

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! Kate,
    We have so much of the same likes, I am a part time writer, poet, picture lover/taker and retired Engineer…I am doing a such on my family’s roots, came across your works and have been inspired to send a note. We have the same birth name. Have a blessed day…..Jo Ann

    • Great to hear from you! Sorry I never check my blog that often. I have a children’s book coming out later this year, although not about Italy. That will come later hopefully! You can follow some of our creative projects at RememberMeMission.org (that’s our non-profit) and on Facebook. Would love to read a story from you sometime. Thanks for checking in!

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